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HERO Quad Box Bundle - 50 HERO Diamond Shell Holders

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$249.99 USD
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$249.99 USD
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$249.99 USD

1 Quad Box for graded cards  + 50 HERO Diamond Shellz for PSA Slabs

Bundle and Save!

Our HERO Shellz are made from lightweight ultra strong polycarbonate and are the ULTIMATE PROTECTION for your PSA graded cards. 

- 30X Stronger than acrylic used in most magnetic holders

- Scratch resistant 

- UV protection so your cards won't fade.

- Protects against drop damage.

- Easy-to-Use snap shut latch for ultimate re-usability.

Dimensions of holder: 146.5mm x 86.9mm x 12.2mm

Weight of holder: 3oz.

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