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Card Mailer Combo - Armalopes + Semi-rigid + Easy Glide Sleeves

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$26.99 USD

Looking for an affordable and secure way to ship cards? Our Semi-Rigid holders combined with our Easy Glide soft sleeves are the perfect answer when used with our industry leading Armalope card mailers. Thin and flexible enough to not get kicked out of USPS mail sorters while still keeping your card safe. This is perfect combo!


Introducing the Armalope Lightweight Single Pocket Card Mailer! The better way to ship cards on eBay! Stop paying for parcel shipping or wrapping your cards in lined paper and putting them in flimsy plain white envelopes (PWE).

We designed this envelope as better way to ship our cards using the new eBay standard envelope service level A.K.A. the single greatest invention of eBay and thought others would find this useful as well. Armalopes will save you time and hassle and provide more protection for your customers' cards. 

Product Features:

  • The single cavity measures 5" x 4.5" and will hold Toploaders or Oversized Semi-rigid holders.
  • It has a glued frame to prevent damage from mail sorter as well as provide some tension to limit card movement during shipment.
  • 0.45 oz per Armalope
  • Glue strip for easy sealing
  • Tear strip for easy opening for your customers
  • Fits a 4x6" label

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