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ULTIMATE Graded Tough Box Submission Bundle

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$79.99 USD
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$102.50 USD
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$79.99 USD

Buy your Submission Materials and Storage together and SAVE MONEY!

1 Tough Box + 500 Oversized Semi-rigid + 500 Easy Glide Sleeves + 500 Glove-fit Semi-rigid Dust Sleeves all in a single bundle.

Everything you need to store your cards safely while you prepare them for submission.

1. Our soft sleeves have a pre-cut corner so you don't ding your cards while sleeving them.

2. Our semi-rigid are made from high quality semi-rigid PVC and the preferred holder for graded card submissions.

3. And our Glove-Fit Dust Sleeves will keep your card free from dust which can impact your card grade if submitted with dust.

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