Glove-Fit Graded Card Sleeves

Our graded card sleeves are custom cut to fit like a glove without any of that extra unsightly extra plastic from other baggy sleeves. Each sleeves has a sleek tapered flap which seals just above card cavity so your view of the card is unobstructed.​ 

  • Premium Glass Clear Protection

    Our graded card sleeves fit perfectly and are a great way to protect your slabs while still being able to show it off! We offer sleeves for the major card grading companies: PSA, BGS, SGC, CGC and GMA

  • Pretty Matters

    These sleeves will keep your slabs free from scratches, fingerprints, dust, liquids, and other damage. Protecting your slab is often an under-rated form of protection but in this business, PRETTY MATTERS, so keep that slab looking like new and get the most out of your collection and investments!