Our Company

Shellz, L.L.C. is a U.S. based veteran owned business located in Mars, PA just outside of Pittsburgh. We are a premium provider of trading card supplies such as rigid PVC toploaders, semi-rigid PVC holders, soft poly sleeves such as our patent pending Easy Glide soft sleeves and trading card storage products such our industry first Tough Box.

We started this business when we 'got back into the hobby' in 2019 and rekindled our passion for trading cards. More specifically we found a 2000 Upper Deck SP Tom Brady RC PSA 10 which we bought in 2002 just after he won his first Super Bowl. 18 years, couple tours in the Navy and two kids later, we realized a lot had changed in the hobby but not in the supplies business so we got to work!

Our first new product the Easy Glide soft sleeve is a simple yet significant improvement to the first line of defense for any card. We had a nerve-wracking experience of sleeving a Panini Prizm Kyler Murray gold auto /10 in the usual square soft sleeve and about had a heart attack trying not to nick the corner. We figured others must have this same issue and either don't know there is a better way or are tired of cutting the corners off sleeves themselves. If something this simple could be improved we figured there were other customer problems we could tackle as well

and thus ... Shellz was born! (It also involved a couple Old Fashioneds at the bar across the street)