Perfect for eBay Standard Envelope Shipping

We designed this envelope as a better way to ship our cards using the new eBay standard envelope service level A.K.A. the single greatest invention of eBay and thought others would find this useful as well. Armalopes will save you time and hassle and provide more protection for your customers' cards. Stop paying for parcel shipping or wrapping your cards in lined paper and putting them in flimsy plain white envelopes (PWE).

  • Insert, Seal and Ship!

    Just drop the card in the pocket, seal it and ship; It's that easy! The pocket hold both toploaders and semi-rigid card holders and offers extra protection over a flimsy PWE.

  • Lightweight Protection

    The single pocket mailer weighs 0.45 oz. allowing you to ship most cards under the cheapest 1 oz. eBay option. The pockets create tension around your cards to prevent movement during shipping.

  • Multiple Sizes

    Have a few cards to ship? Our double pocket mailer weighs under 1 oz. and offers twice the card capacity while still keeping your package thickness under the 1/4" limit.