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Armalope Graded Card Mailer

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$7.99 USD
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$7.99 USD
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$7.99 USD

Introducing the Armalope Graded Card Mailer!

  • Lightweight, durable folding corrugated envelope that is specifically designed for shipping graded cards
  • Fits stacks of toploaders and semi-rigid as well
  • Provides full 360 degree protection for your slabs
  • Fits all major graded slabs including PSA, BGS and SGC!
  • Fits up to 5 graded cards stacked per mailer
  • Discrete exterior design

With its easy-to-use design, the Graded Card Mailer makes it simple to insert your graded card into our corrugated folding mailer, wrap it up and seal it to protect it during shipping, And because it is lightweight, it won't add unnecessary weight to your shipment, keeping your shipping costs to a minimum. 

So if you're looking for a reliable and affordable option for mailing your graded cards our Graded Card Mailer is a great solution.

Product Features:

  • The internal cavity holds all major graded card cases including PSA BGS and SGC
  • 1.6 oz per graded card mailer
  • Fits 5 similar slabs stacked per mailer
  • Glue strip for easy sealing
  • Tear strip for easy opening by your customers
  • External Measurements: about 7" x 4" sealed and folded.

We do not guarantee against damage in shipping. 

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