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Semi-Rigid Holders Diamond Hands Limited Edition!

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$19.99 USD
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$22.99 USD
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$19.99 USD

We created a Diamond Hands Limited edition holder really for ourselves because we love the David vs. Goliath story playing out with retail investors vs. Wall Street but thought others might like it too =). Now you can store your valuables with embossed diamond hands emoji on each holder and wait for your collection to moon .. because cards only go up, right!

These are the preferred size for PSA, BGS and all other graded card submissions.

Our semi-rigid card holders are generously sized at 3 5/16' x 4 7/8" with a 1/2" lip for easy insertion and removal of your cards which minimizes any risk of you or others damaging your valuable collection.

The holders are made from crystal clear semi-rigid PVC and are an excellent storage option as well when paired with our Easy Glide soft sleeves for maximum protection.

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