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Binder has padded, extra rigid front and rear covers made from water-resistant and non-slip textured polyurethane "leather" material. Fit 112 toploaders up to 100pt.
  • 28 Archival safe 4-pocket pages, holders 112 total toploaded cards
  • Fits standard size trading cards in 35pt-55pt toploaders*
  • Secure side-loading pockets
  • Heavy-duty security zipper
  • Acid-free / no PVC plastic pages
* Up to a 100pt toploader will fit in one side of a binder page but not both (front and back) and using these larger toploaders will impact the overall capacity of the binder.
Height: 11" (283mm)
Width: 9" (210mm)
Depth: 1.5: (68mm)
Capacity: Fits 112 trading cards in Toploaders up to 100pt
Weight: 1.5lbs empty